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Gift Shop

To place an order for any item listed, please send Check or Money Order to:

OHS Museum Gift Shop
2404 Gass Ave.
Overland, MO 63114

(please add $2.50 for shipping and handling)

  OHS Sweatshirt
Tan with OHS Logo
$16.00       Pick Up Sticks $3.50

  OHS Short Sleeve Tee Shirt
"Keep your Wagon Rolling" Logo
$10.00       Classic Jacks, Ball & Pouch $3.50

  OHS Short Sleeve Tee Shirt
(tan with OHS logo)
$10.00       OHS Log House Patch $2.00

Polo Shirt   OHS Polo Shirt
Dark green with brown log house design
$24.00       Bull Roarer $4.25

Tan with OHS Logo
$8.00       Hardwood Top $3.50

    OHS Log House 1988 Dedication
Commemorative Brass Plate
$15.00         Spinning Colorful Top N/A

    OHS Log House Pin $2.50       Yo Yo $3.50

    OHS Log House Christmas Ornament $2.00       Wooden Dice $2.50


Log House Gazette Newsletters:
A set of five back issues available for
2011 or 2012


per year

      Paddle Ball $3.75

    Overland Historical Society Pencil $.50 each       Cup and Ball $3.25

    School House Chalkboard Set
Includes Chalk and Eraser
$5.50       Buzz Saw $2.50

    Domino Set
Wood storage case
$5.00       Whirligig $2.50

    Marbles & Bag $4.25       Quill Pen $2.50

    Jacob's Ladder $5.00       Log House Birdhouse $6.00

    Jaw Harp $4.25       Bamboo Flute $1.00

    Back Scratcher $1.00       Wire Puzzle $1.00


Notecards - Large (10 per pack)

Notecards - Small (10 per pack)



      Postcards (5 per pack) $1.00

    Wooden Train Whistle $1.50       Jump Rope $1.50

    Flag Pin $1.00       Flag Magnet $0.25

    Flag Eraser $0.50       Finger Trap $0.50